With sustainability vital to all of our futures, The Royal Parks do everything we can to help reduce the impact of the Royal Parks Half Marathon, presented by Royal Bank of Canada, on the environment.

Environmental Policy

Here at the Royal Parks Half, we have committed to making the event as sustainable as possible, while maintaining the high-quality race experience that everyone deserves. As part of this we’ve developed an environmental policy which details everything we’re doing to help achieve this. We’re encouraging all  our partners, charities and runners to join us in this movement and follow the principles outlined in the policy.

You can read the full environmental policy below


Read our environmental policy


Hydration on course

This is a big one.


Single-use plastics are a huge part of the impact of races like the Royal Parks Half, so we’ve decided to remove them from the equation and we need your support.

We encourage all our runners to be self-sufficient with their hydration but also recognise that different runners have different needs, therefore there will be water stations on the route featuring both refill points and compostable cups, ensuring all runners have access to water during the race.

We’re working to reduce any waste associated with water stations, meaning a cleaner and more sustainable race for everyone. 

We also encourage all of our runners to practice training and racing with this in mind, using whatever hydration method you wish, so that long term we can commit to ditching plastic bottles for good.