Kingfisher Zero

India's best-selling lager, Kingfisher, introduces Kingfisher Zero,  proudly embodying the quality flavour of their beloved lager without compromising on taste and, importantly, alcohol.

In recent years, Kingfisher has become synonymous with taking a step out of the busy day-to-day and appreciating life's finer moments. Having recently launched their 0% variant to much acclaim, they are pleased to be partnering with Royal Parks Half Marathon to help quench the thirsts of the runners and their supporters with a quality alcohol-free beer.

Kingfisher Zero will be playing a key role cheering-on the participants on the day, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a Kingfisher Zero with 10% by clicking the link below and using the code RPHM at the checkout.

Kingfisher Zero: Look up and see the beauty.

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